Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips: Disciplining young children is a challenging and frustrating experience. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the result you want when disciplining your child.

  1. Be reasonable. Do not expect too much.
  2. Let your child know ahead of time when he/she is expected to do something.
  3. When children misbehave, suggest a new activity.
  4. Be patient. No one said parenting was easy!
  5. Praise behaviors you like and ignore behaviors you don’t like whenever your can and it is safe to do so.
  6. Try to structure you child’s day so that meal time and bedtimes are the same every day.
  7. Tell, don’t ask. Tell your children what you want them to do.
  8. Give your child a set amount of warnings about misbehavior in a calm but firm voice.
  9. After the warning limit, follow through with a short consequence like a time out. Try to use consequences that are related to the behavior.
  10. Offer choices. Making choices is an important part of growing up.
  11. A child who is rewarded and praised usually develops a happy and cooperative attitude. A child who is punished frequently often becomes angry and stops caring about the punishments and others.
  12. Remember to set a good example. Children learn by watching.

Remember, good effective parenting  is teaching…its one way to show love to your children!
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